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Christian alcoholism treatment is a faith based alcoholism treatment program aimed at helping patients kick their alcohol dependency. The main difference between Christian alcoholism treatment and other alcoholism treatment programs is that Christian alcoholism treatment infuses Christian morals and philosophies into the program, leading patients to rely upon the teachings of Jesus Christ to help them move forward in their lives without alcohol.

Patients who seek alcohol treatment and recovery in a Christian alcoholism treatment facility discover the spiritual, physical and psychological impacts from their dependency and begin to form a faith-based foundation for learning to live their lives without alcohol, through Jesus Christ. Tried and true aspects of traditional treatment programs used include: workshops, individual and group therapy, behavioral modification, and lectures. These aspects are then combined with a strong spiritual message in an effort to heal the addictÂ’s soul as well as their physical being, giving them hope and a reason so remain sober. Alcoholics are encouraged to look into the Bible to find answers to their questions surrounding why they became alcoholics as well as for inspiration to remain sober.

The ultimate goal for Christian alcoholism treatment is to relieve the feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame and despair, replacing them with the feelings of hope, forgiveness, self-worth and of having a clean slate. The idea that God is an-all loving, all forgiving God helps to replace the dependence on alcohol with a deeper relationship with God.

Christian alcoholism treatment can occur on both an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on the needs of the alcoholic in question. Inpatient treatment is more preferable to outpatient treatment and tends to have a better long term prognosis. The main reason being that inpatient treatment is more comprehensive and intense than can be achieved in an outpatient setting. The highly supervised environment of the inpatient treatment model forces alcoholics to adhere to the program and participate in their recovery, making them much more likely to complete treatment and remain sober after leaving treatment. Alcoholics who are treated as inpatients also get the benefit of going through treatment with others who have experienced the same struggles and aspire to the same sobriety as the patient themselves. Outpatients rarely seek out other outpatients in treatment. Rather they end up spending time in relationships that reinforce their alcohol dependence instead of supporting their treatment and recovery.

By entering into a christian alcoholism treatment program, patients have the opportunity to deal with both the physical and mental/emotional aspects of alcohol dependence. Christian alcoholism treatment programs incorporate sound treatment techniques into a safe, nurturing environment where the teachings of Jesus Christ are offered to help addicts learn a new way of life and living without alcohol.

Call us today at (419) 491-3436 in Toledo, Ohio

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